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What's with all this college talk? I mean, who wants to go to school? I did go to school for a while, but that was NINJA school. There you got shadows and sneakiness to sit on. And our cafeteria food was danger for dinner and death for breakfast. And something thrown in there about honor and the shinobi code and stuff. But whatever.

SO, more importantly than all this school crap; The owner of my old apartment building finally got back to me. From now on he will be referred to as GD (Giant Douche'), because that's what he is. So anyway; GD said that there was a tragic and mysterious fire the other day, which completely destroyed the entire building. And GD said that he had also forgotten to have people go through there earlier and get all of the stuff out and ship it back to their owners. Whoop-te freaking do.

So it looks like I need to go find myself a new apartment. And I have a new name on 'The List'. Where's that newspaper?
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